Monday, September 15, 2008

a new breed

(Photo by  ralphbijker)
There is a new breed of shopper around here now.  I noticed her about 3 weeks or so ago.  I see her a lot during the morning hours, slowly gliding down the isles of Target, picking up things and putting them back.  Not really looking for anything in particular.
Sometimes I see her at Walmart, with a magazine that she grabbed on her way back to the furniture to sit in a papasan chair and read.
Other times she's at Borders, drinking a coffee and browsing books she has no intention of buying.
Once or even twice a week she's at the grocery store, checking off her list and sorting through sales, listening to her ipod.
Wherever she is, she's definitely not chasing children around, scolding them for grabbing things they aren't buying or constantly trying to climb out of the cart.  She's not refereeing siblings that are constantly picking at each other or hurriedly trying to get through the store before the meltdown begins, repeatedly forgetting important things like bread and milk and having to backtrack through the entire store just to get that one thing they must have in order to eat dinner that night. 
There's a new breed of shopper in town and she's loving school/preschool.


Michaela said...

A-freaking-men! HA

Rosie : ) said...

It id definetly nice to have a few kids less for grocery shopping! :)