Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Monkey went to the dentist for the first time yesterday.  I was expecting a meltdown from Monkey and I just knew the dentist would tell me that she already had irreversible staining on her teeth, 3 cavities and a horrible mom  that doesn't take care of her daughter's teeth.
Monkey didn't have a meltdown - she did great!  Did you know they have cookie dough flavored polish for children?   She didn't like it.  I guess they don't use real cookie dough.  Then she had the bubble gum flavored.  She didn't like that either, but she toughed it out.  Back in my day (insert grey hair and creaky rocker scene here) we didn't have all those fancy dancy flavors.  It tasted like dirt and we were thankful for it!
And her mouth cleaned up nicely!  She has two loose teeth, a little staining (probably from all the coffee and cigarettes) that polished right off and her 6 year molars coming in.  The dentist said her mouth looked great, an "excellent checkup."  I was very proud of her.
Afterwards, we went out for birthday cake flavored ice cream with chocolate syrup, ate a few pieces of hard candy that adhere to the teeth for weeks and refused to brush for days.
You didn't actually believe that last part, did you?

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