Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hero Day

photo by Tanya Ryno
Today is Hero Day at our school.  Our PTA Citizenship committee does a Hero Week every year, with Hero Day being 9/11.  Last year was my first year witnessing this.  It's quite beautiful and funny, actually.  During lunch (which lasts almost 2.5 hours at our school because of the number of children) different heros visited with the children.  The local firemen came, the crossing guard (she's also a member of the Sheriff's office) was there and dads from the Army and Navy were there to hang out with and talk to the children.
This year, Trey was able to make it along with a good friend of his, Todd.  They were the only representation of the Armed Forces that was there this year but we also had about 5 firemen there and the crossing guard.  
What was funny, to me, was seeing the children swarm around our heroes asking for autographs.  I know this isn't really funny but it was so cute I had to laugh.   To see Trey and Todd talking to these wide-eyed children asking questions about what they do was just plain fun.  One of the firemen had warned Trey not to start signing autographs or else he'd never get to stop, but it was too late. 
The other thing the PTA did was send home "hero packets" for the children.  They read about what it takes to be a hero, then were asked to draw a picture of their hero and then tell how they could be a hero, too.  These were posted around the cafeteria for everyone to read.  Some of the heroes included Superman, Mom, Dad, Fireman, Soldier, Jesus, Doctor and so on.  These were just beautiful.  All of the drawings were done by the children and most were written by them although a few were written by their parents for them.
It was a really neat experience for the morning and a special way to remember our heroes.

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