Thursday, September 11, 2008

my list of seven

I was reading this is reverb.... and he posted several lists of 7 and then challenged his readers to come up with some.  This is harder than I thought - to come up with 7 things of a specific topic.  Let's see....  And they are in no particular order.
How about seven things I like to photograph.
old cemeteries and old buildings
sleeping children 
interesting trees 
Seven things on my to-do list;
1.  Pay bills
2.  Wash puppy
3.  Cook dinner
4.  Organize coupons
5.  Clean up my dresser (I've had issues with this since childhood)
6.  Clean out my car
7.  Wash dishes
Seven things I'd rather do than clean
1.  Play with the kids
2.  Anything
3.  Have a tooth pulled
4.  Anything
5.  Go take pictures
6.  Volunteer at Monkey's school
7.  Anything
Seven things I want to do before I die
1.  Thru-hike the Appalachian Trail
2.  Go on a safari in Africa  
3.  Visit the pyramids of Egypt
4.  See my children grow up
5.  Go on a cruise
6.  Go to Israel
7.  Become a grandparent   

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