Friday, August 8, 2008

Today's the day

Today's the day, that special day.  Six years ago today, Monkey entered our lives.  Only we didn't call her "Monkey" then because we didn't know she'd be one.  We called her Little Bit, because she was just a little bit of a baby.
We had no idea what we were doing - but then who does when they're first-time parents?  Watching her grow and change has been an amazing journey.  Some great, some not so great, but I wouldn't change a thing.  Not ever.  It was just yesterday that she just started walking, the day before that she started talking and the day before that she started crawling.
Now she's a big 6 year old - 6 YEARS - and starting first grade.  Now she's into Hannah Montana and really excited about getting nail polish and lip gloss (I thought I had a few years before this!).  Now she's not my little bit any more, she's my big girl.  I look at her and sometimes forget that she can do things on her own.  That's she's big enough to refill the soap bottle in the bathroom without making a huge mess.  There are still things we need to work on, like riding a bike without training wheels, but she's reading like a champ and writes beautifully (for a 6 year old).  
Last night, in celebration of her birthday, after she went to sleep, I decorated her room with crepe paper streamers.  I don't remember who I got the idea from, but I think it was a dear friend back in Oklahoma.  Presents from Grandma and Mawmaw and Pawpaw arrived this week, but I saved them for Monkey to open today.  The card from Granddaddy and Nanny she opened when it arrived and was very excited for the money.  We'll be going shopping today, I'm sure.
This morning, she got up early and opened presents (kinda like Christmas for her, I suppose).  She got all Hannah Montana stuff from Grandma and Mawmaw and Pawpaw.  Very exciting!  From mommy and daddy she got a Webkinz and a small messenger bag she can color and decorate herself.  We had chocolate chip pancakes shaped like stars (and bears for little brother).  I have no idea what we'll do today, but I told Monkey she didn't have to do her chores on her birthday.  No one should have to work on their birthday.
I'll continue with my Frugal Friday later on today, since it is Friday and I do have something to add...
I also want to say that I realize that by posting a blog, there's always a chance new people (other than family and friends) might stumble across my blog and read it.  Welcome!!  I hope I don't bore you with tales of our family.  I hope you enjoy what you read and that you come back for more.


Writer Dad said...

Happy birthday Monkey! You're very lucky to have such a cool birthday.

writer Dad said...

Kindergarten is BIG TIME! Our daughter made her transition last year, and one of our pre-schoolers is saying bye today. Good luck with all the little bits.

Kool Aid said...

Monkey is a little nervous about being in 1st grade but she'll get over it quickly. She's a very social little girl - oops, I mean big girl.