Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This has been a transitional week for us.  The countdown is on for school to start on Monday - YAY!!  (Never in my life did I ever think I would look forward to school - needless to say, I support year-round schools!!)  So, to honor that, we've been stricter about bedtimes this week, and waking Monkey up at 6:30.  Still not early enough for when school starts, but I'm hoping it'll help with the transition (key word for today).
My schedule is starting to get busy with the Moms and More group - T-23 days and counting, the PTA and puppy classes start the same day as school starts.  Little Man starts preschool on the 26th of this month - again, YAY!!
I'm on the PTA Executive Board and we had our one/only Exec Board meeting last night where we discuss everything the PTA does/will do over the course of the next nine months.  It was a long meeting.  Our first official PTA meeting is in about a week and a half, so I have things I need to do to get that together.
Oh, have I mentioned that Monkey has a birthday this week?  She turns 6 on Friday and her party is Sat at Chuck E Cheese - one of my mostest favoritest places to be.  So there's cake to be ordered, goody-bags to put together (I really want to know who started THAT tradition!!), presents to buy.  And, she has another party to go to for someone else Sat afternoon AND Sun afternoon.  Boy are we going to be busy this weekend!
But I digress....  Transitions.  We've discussed the school transition.  I've also taken down the baby gate that was bolted at the top of the stairs.  Transitions.  We're working a little harder on potty training and started letting Little Man wear undies (more on that later).  Transitions.  I also converted Little Man's crib to his toddler bed this afternoon.  Transitions.  It's going to be a hard few weeks in our home.
How did this latest transition occur?  I was checking on Little Man for his nap, of which he was having nothing.  As I opened the door, I saw Little Man perched - literally PERCHED on the corner of his crib rails, against the wall.  I'm not quite sure what he was after, but the image that flashed through my mind was of an owl, scouting for dinner.  In Little Man's case, he was probably scouting for HotWheels.
Bedtime is gonna suck around here....

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