Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monkey has a solo

Yes, I am one of "those" moms.  Those moms that brag about their children.  
Monkey has been practicing in choir over the summer and working on a program for the fall kick-off of our church's Wed night fellowship.  She auditioned for speaking and singing roles and while I hoped she would get something, we tried to help her understand that she might not. 
Of course, she is the one who said she was "born to sing" in the same matter-of-fact tone that she uses to say she was "born with blue eyes."  American Idol, here we come.
She did not get a speaking role, but she did get a solo.  She's very excited and sings well along with the cd in the car.  I'm wondering how she'll do in front of a crowd.  Last summer, during VBS, she jumped up on the stage to sing and dance with a bunch of other kids, then froze when she saw the crowd.  I'm hoping that won't happen again this year.
For those parental units out there, we're going to try and dust off that camcorder and get it on tape.


Writer Dad said...

If you can't brag about your kids, then what's the point of having them. For me a day without bragging is like a day without oxygen; except without bragging, I only feel dead.

Kool Aid said...

thanks so much for your support in my bragging rights as a parent. I just hope that I don't turn into one of "those" parents at the soccer game - you know the ones, arguing with the ref, fighting with other parents because their son did a perfect sliding tackle into my daughter (the same sliding tackle I cheer when it's the USA team in the World Cup). Yeah, I'm one of those already :)