Friday, July 25, 2008

Frugal Friday

I didn't really have anything new to add this week, so what I decided to do was visit some other websites and blogs to connect you with other frugal ideas.
The first is this neat page that I found somewhere - I'm sorry I can't remember which blog to give proper credit to.  It's 100 things you can make yourself and you can go here to look at it.  There are a lot of things on the list that I never would have thought of.  Go take a look.  Now.  Then come back to me.
Ok, here's the next thing I want you to take a look at.  It's another blog called Retro Housewife goes green.  She's had some interesting posts and right now she has a contest that anyone can enter to win biodegradable kitchen garbage bags.  You'll have to go back a few posts to find the giveaway, though.
Here's another tip.  If you ever get blood on your clothes (if you have children, this will happen more than you think) use hydrogen peroxide to get it out.  If you apply it right away, give a little rub, it'll get the blood out almost immediately.  If the blood is allowed to stain, it might take a little more work.  I learned this trick working at an animal hospital.  We had hydrogen peroxide in spray bottles just for cleaning blood off clothes and pets' fur.  
I like to eat out.  Not only does it mean I don't have to cook, but there's no clean-up, either!  However, eating out can be expensive.  Here are some tips for saving money if you're just dying to get food from somewhere other than your home.  But do think on brown-bagging your lunch.  Here are some tips and interesting notes about the money saved by bringing your own lunch to work or school.
Thanks for reading!  If you have any tips on living green and/or frugal, please let me know!

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