Sunday, June 22, 2008

puppies? loose tooth? huh??

yes, we have a new puppy now.  I had blissfully forgotten how much fun it is to house train a puppy.  Good thing we're planning on replacing the carpet in the near future.
Anyway, it's a boxer puppy.  He's cute but I'm a little worried about his health and background.  We were given the pup under what I would call false pretenses.  Based on what the friend was telling us, he would be coming from a reputable breeder in a NAFTA agreement between the friend's mom (also a breeder) and the other breeder.  In actuality, the puppy came from breeder at an adopt-a-thon.  We don't have any health records on the puppy, just an AKC form stating the pup is an AKC registered boxer.  To some, that may be important, but for me, I'd rather have health records on the puppy.  Any backyard breeder can claim AKC status.
We'll be seeing the vet in the near future to check this bad boy out.  Hope all will be well because Trey and Monkey are pretty attached already.  
OK, I have figured out that if I wait too long before posting to the blog, a day has gone by and much has changed.  This is going to take some getting used to.  
Ok, so the puppy went to the vet today and he's mostly ok.  He's very underweight and has a bad case of worms, but other than that, seems well.  Hopefully, after the deworming, he'll be a much more active puppy (and by then, I'll be wishing he wasn't so active, I bet).
In other news, it was discovered at dinner last night that Monkey has a loose tooth.  How exciting for her!  Trey and I told her we'd tie dental floss around it and tie the other end to a door knob to speed along the process.  She wasn't interested.  Guess the tooth fairy will have to wait a little while longer...

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