Friday, June 20, 2008

in the beginning...

in the beginning, there was light.  
Ok, but in the beginning of this blog, there's me.  I'll be talking about my family in just a little while, but right now I'm sharing some of my interests.  I like reading, sometimes writing, painting, photography, scrapbooking, anything outdoorsy - hiking, rock-climbing, canoeing, camping, but most of that was before children.
Now, I like sleeping, quiet mornings with my coffee before everyone wakes up, evenings after the kids go to bed, sleeping, playing with the children, did I mention sleeping?  I'm not old, but I certainly feel like it sometimes.
Some of my dislikes are cleaning...  um, cleaning... OK, I really dislike cleaning.  I also don't like inconsiderate drivers.  Especially in the drop off line at school.  People in a hurry to get to work that think they have the right to cut in line or cut through the parking lot to get ahead.   I really don't like that.  If you're in that much of a hurry, leave home earlier.  It's a simple concept - why am I the only one that gets it?
Enough about me.  Now it's Trey's turn.  He likes to fly airplanes.  It's a hobby that pays well.  He also likes woodworking.  He's teaching himself to play guitar and he likes golf.  He likes to play XBox and Playstation 3.  He also likes to organize and sometimes clean, but the housecleaning usually falls to me because I'm the SAHM.  
The kids like just about everything, as kids normally do.  Monkey likes singing and dancing, coloring, reading - you know, all that fun stuff.
Little Man likes cars and balls.  He'll want to play just about every ball sport there is.  And he's good!  Even at 1, he was throwing balls with amazing accuracy and strength.  I'm only a little biased.  I also catch him looking at books a lot, even though he isn't reading yet.
I'm thinking that's all there is for now.  We've done our introductions, now it's on to our daily lives.
where do we go next....

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