Thursday, June 19, 2008


We all have nicknames, don't we?  Whether we like them or not, right?  Some given during childhood by our parents, some earned at school (even some we didn't know about), some we give ourselves.
Allow me to introduce us.  I'm KoolAid.  Yeah, I know, weird, isn't it?  I got it in college because I dyed a streak of pink in my hair with kool-aid.  Black cherry, if I remember right.  Just so you know, kool-aid doesn't wash out.  Ever.  
My husband we'll call Trey.  He's a "third" in his family so this fits.  I sometimes have other names for him (good and bad), but we'll keep this a family-oriented blog.
My daughter, 5, is Monkey.  She's been a monkey climber since she was a toddler.  Sometimes she's Princess or Punkin, but Monkey still works.
My son, 2, is Little Man because he looks like a little man.  Even when he was a baby, he was a "little man."   Sometimes he's Buddy, but then what little boy isn't?
we have 2 cats - Dumb and Scaredy and 1 dog - Ol girl.
Guess that's the family...  now, let's see where we are...

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