Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monkey's photos

I'm finally feeling human again and since the kids are out of school AGAIN today, I thought I'd park them in front of the cartoons and update my blog.  Great parenting, I know, but it's only 7:00 in the morning.  I have all day to get them moving.
As I said before, Tara, over at Sticky Fingers, photo tagged me.  The rules are go to the folders you keep your digital pictures in, find the fourth folder, look at the fourth picture and tell about it then link back to who tagged you and tag four more people.  I've done this before, a while back, but I wasn't organized enough to do it right, so I just picked a random picture.  We use a Mac and all our pics are in iPhoto and we don't normally create separate albums - I know we should, but we don't.  A few months ago, we created albums for Disney, Christmas and pictures that Monkey had taken with her camera.  That was my fourth album.  I hadn't gone any further than that.
So, the fourth picture in the folder was this one:
She went around the day Trey gave her his old digital camera and took pictures of EVERYTHING.  She staged her toys, followed the cat around, took goofy pictures of me and Trey, photographed photographs, went outside and took pictures of flowers and weeds and plants.  I think she took 50 pictures that day.  In the space of about 30 minutes. 
Here is a small selection of her portfolio.
However, I realized when I opened up Photoshop, to add my watermark to her pictures, that in Photoshop, everything is in folders already.  So I was able to go through and (sorta) follow the instructions.  I say "sorta" because there are some pictures of family and friends that I won't post because I don't have their permission and so forth, so I had to fudge it a little.  This picture is actually from the third folder, the fourth folder in that folder and the fourth picture of that folder. 
It's an old one and I'm not really surprised I landed on it.  First, it's a good example why Monkey is called Monkey (she was a year old when this picture was taken) and it was taken at my Great Aunt's farm in Pennsylvania.  She just passed week ago yesterday.  My daddy's side of the family has a reunion in Pa. every year.  We try to go every year, but haven't been in the last three years for a variety of reasons, so she never got to meet Little Man, but she enjoyed Monkey.  She still maintained a small vegetable garden and she had a wildly crazy boarder collie that would chase balls all. day. long.  She was a spunky ol' farm girl with a clear head and a kind heart.  She will be missed.
Now, for the tagging.  Hmmm.... I'm trying to think of who I haven't tagged in the past so here goes.  Tammy, Kathryn, Betsy and Ryan.  I don't know if any of you have done this photo tag before or not.  I tried going back several posts and didn't see anything, so if this is a repeat from the past for you, my apologies.


Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

I absolutely love to see photos taken from a child's view, it's just so fascinating.
Love the little Monkey too. Those bars just cannot contain that child!

Kool Aid said...

Yeah, we used to have a really nice wine rack that was mounted to the wall and had lots of bottles on it. That had to come down before it became her very own indoor monkey bars set.

And she does take some very interesting pictures.

Betsy Wuebker said...

My youngest is called "Monkey" to this day. It started because she wanted to hang on my hip for her first 2 years of life, like a little chimpanzee. I got very good at doing things with one hand! It evolved into Monk and The Monk, Monkey-See-Monkey-Do, Monkela, Monkerator. As in, now, The Monk needs money to put gas in her truck.

It was funny to cheer her on in her fastpitch games: "Come on, Monk, slam that thing, ducks on the pond!" When she graduates from high school, you can embarrass her with a special yearbook baby picture/note, as well. :)

Kool Aid said...

Hi Betsy,

I've gotten a few funny looks when I call her Monkey in public but she's never seemed to mind. So far, anyway. The name hasn't evolved yet, but then she's only six, so it might in the years to come.

Oh and I have lots and lots to embarrass her with for when she gets older. ;)

Cricket said...

That is the nickname of my oldest brother. Monkey and Cricket...what a combination. We were a wicked pair.

I love these pictures. I am heading to my folder now to see what is in there. I promise to stick by the rules. I have been working on angles lately so there is no telling what I will find in there.

Thank you so much for the tag!

Kool Aid said...

Hi Cricket! Thank you for participating - I can't wait to see what you have.

I had no idea Monkey would be such a popular nickname for kids.

photo restoration said...

Beautiful photos. Loved it.