Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow day!

We actually have a snow day today!  First time in the two and a half years we've lived in this area!  How very exciting!
Sure, I had a lot I needed to do today.  I was looking forward to getting the kids to school so I can run errands and such.  
But it's a SNOW DAY!
Now, instead of "working" later today, I'll be outside throwing snowballs at the kids and taking pictures.
I love a snow day!


Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

I love snow days but we rarely get them in the UK. We have to go to a snowdome (where they ship in snow!) to go making snowballs together

Kool Aid said...

A snowdome?? They actually have such a thing? How cool! We weren't able to make really good snowballs - it wasn't sticky enough. We just managed to grab handfuls and throw them at each other. Little Man didn't like that too much.