Sunday, January 4, 2009

Calling all writers...

  Hello dear readers.  I know several of you (at least I hope you're here reading) are writers.  I have a request of you.  Trey, my wonderful husband, writes.  Well, at least he used to.  You see, he was an English major, back in the day, when we first met in college.  His concentration was creative writing.  He used to write prose, poems, stream of consciousness, you name it.
But he hasn't done it in a long time.  His job is a bit more technical now and doesn't really allow for any creativeness.  I've encouraged him to write stories about things he's seen and done, or fiction or about whatever it is that inspires him.  He's a bit reluctant, possibly because he hasn't done it in a while, but he said he would think about it.
I would love it if some of you writers could encourage him to break out the old leather journal and put pen to paper.  He isn't one to share everyday things on a blog (unlike me, right?) but I've told him that if he'd write something, I'd love to share it here.
What challenges have you faced as a writer?  What inspires you?  When do you find you do your best writing?  What other words of encouragement can you share?  Do you have any links to writers that you like?  (don't assume I go to the same places you do).
I look forward to sharing your words with Trey.


CK Lunchbox said...

I can totally understand where your husband is at as I've been there myself. Even having been thrust into writing almost a year ago after being laid off it's a scary prospect plagued by constant doubt. It's like being secretly in love with the most popular girl in school, but you're too afraid to tell her because of the potential for rejection. That could happen, but it's an amazing feeling when you find yourself surprised people like what you write and it keeps you going.

Julie said...

Hi, Trey :)

Whether you want anyone to see your writing or not, just writing for yourself will help you round out the feeling of life, soften the edges of the technical side of your days. Journaling's great for this.

Once you get back into the flow (which should be MUCH easier for you than me, because you're an accomplished writer and I am not---yet), then maybe you'd feel comfortable sharing some of the things your favorite things with the rest of us, so we can "ooh!" and "aah!" and clap wildly even as we pat you on your back.

You could even show it all to us anonymously. At least until you're ready to see your name in lights (so to speak). ;)

~ Julie

* * *

PS to Kool Aid: I hope this helps! ;) ~ J