Sunday, October 12, 2008

Losing my chi to Barbie

 photo by luisvilla 
  Yesterday, Monkey and I started a project.  Actually, I started the project in my head some time ago and began working on it last week.  We're moving our full sized guest bed into her room and her twin bed into Little Man's room.  However, she has a LOT of junk toys in her room so first we must clean her room.
Have I mentioned before that I hate cleaning?
The first thing we tackled was her book shelf.  I wish we had done this before the consignment sale because she cleared off easily half her books.  Naturally, I'll be saving some of them for Little Man because he loves books, too, but there were several that we'll be putting in the next sale, which is unfortunately not until the spring.
Then we moved on to discuss her Polly Pockets, My Little Ponies and Little Pet Shop toys.  She still plays with some, but agreed to let a few others go.  Next came the Barbies.
I had no idea just how many Barbies and accessories we had.
Something to remember, people, is that I saved many of my Barbie toys and clothes from my own childhood, Monkey has had generous grandparents, gifts from Mommy and Daddy and a really cool yardsale score from a couple of years ago.  We have lots of dolls and clothes.   
So we started sorting them.
And sorting them.
And sorting them.
She's keeping all the Disney Princess ones and the fairy ones and her Hannah Montana ones.  But the furniture, most of the clothes and just about all of the accessories are going.  Oh, didn't I mention the furniture?  That was the yard sale score from a couple of years ago.  I found a box of what I thought was Barbie furniture, but turned out to be Sandi furniture from the late 70's early 80's I'm guessing.  Complete with the necessary accessories, like dishes, pots, pans, even the bathroom sink and tub.  I was so excited, brought them home to Monkey and set them up.  She played, I swear to you, alone in her room quietly for the entire day, breaking only for lunch.  Just that one day alone made the purchase worth it.
I'm having a twinge of heartburn getting rid of these things, but we just don't have the room around here to store enough Barbie furniture to furnish a 5 room house.  They've been crammed in a box in her closet for a year and a half and I need that space.
So because her room is full of junk toys, we moved to the living room to stage our sorting.  My chi is all out of whack because there's stuff EVERYWHERE.  I dream of having a Jeannie to wrinkle her nose and make it all go bye-bye.  
And the sad thing is that since I haven't finished the project, I can't even finish the post because there's nothing more to report.
Tune in tomorrow to see if my chi survives... 


Oktober Five said...

I really need to tackle my bookshelf as well, but every time I think about doing it, I say to myself, "but they're books . . . and books are great, no matter which ones they are," and no matter if I have ever read them, will ever read them, or even like them at all.

Kool Aid said...

I have the same problem, which is why some we'll be keeping even though I don't have a place for them. My only consolation with the ones I'm consigning or giving away is that someone else will be able to enjoy them as much as we did.

Of course our "grown up" books have needed sorting for years....