Friday, September 12, 2008

gasoline panic

The panic of not having gas has settled in where we live.  There's a chain of stations that have closed for the day because they are completely out of gas.  I had to wait 10 minutes to fill up my tank because of the line.  Just so you know, my gas light had just come on this morning, so it's not like I was just topping off my tank like everyone else.
I paid $3.79 when I got it this morning.  I had originally driven past that station after seeing the line and headed to another one just a block or so down the road.  Well, they were charging $4.09 plus the waiting time so I went back to the first one.
By the time I left the house to pick up Monkey, $4.09 had become $4.49.  When I drove back by, coming home barely an hour later, it was $4.59.
I'm sure by this evening it'll be $10/gallon assuming there's any left.

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