Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Week in Review

Well, I've realized something.  The "Wednesday Week in Review" isn't really working for me.  Anything that happens during the week that is worth blogging about will get it's own blog, so there's no real reason to review the week.  You readers can just scroll down to review on your own.
Didn't you hate that in school?  "Review on your own" for any given test.  That's just not fair.  Why not give topics or problems to review.  Why force us to do the dirty work of coming up with review material?  I've had good teachers and great teachers and not-so-good teachers and I remember the good and great ones would always guide us on what to review.
The not-so-good teachers would tell us to "go review everything we've covered in the last nine weeks.  You never know where your questions will come from."  Hated that.  Mainly because I'm not a very good freeform studier.  I need guidance on what to study for.
Too bad life isn't like that.  Sure, we all get tested and retested but we're never given any review material for the tests.  All of a sudden, you're faced with a situation you haven't really prepared for.  Your "test," if you will.  Where's the review material?  Shouldn't there be an answer key somewhere we can refer to, at least for the review questions to help us know if we've prepared properly?
I need a review sheet for potty training.  It's been a few years since Monkey went through this and now I'm trying to train Little Man.  I have no past experience in the details of potty training a boy (nor do I have any experience with peeing standing up.  Trey will have to take over in that arena).  Sure, I remember the basics of potty training, but I'm getting the idea that the basics aren't going to be on the final exam.  Just a lot of urine in, on and around the toilet.  Have I mentioned somewhere that I dislike cleaning?  I'm pretty sure I did.  And did you know that boys like to play in the toilet while they're sitting on it?  Or is that just mine?  I don't remember Monkey doing that.
I don't like tests and especially those essay ones that don't have the specific right answer.  I have a feeling that I won't be able to BS my way through this test, like I did in Philosophy, decades ago.  There really wasn't a wrong answer as long as you logically argued your point.  Have you ever tried logic on a 2 year old?  It doesn't work.  Neither does arguing, but that's another blog for another day....  


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a statement Woody Allen once said: To God on life: "I am tired of the practical exam...I am ready for the written exam!!!"

Anonymous said...

Give the little man something to aim at. A cheerio maybe. Or tell him to make bubbles. Or as my Dad always said, "We-We in the boat."