Monday, July 7, 2008


In today's energy "crisis,"  wouldn't it make green sense to stop using a dryer (which draws a TON of electricity) and start using a clothes line?  Makes sense to me!  Here's the thing, though.  According to Trey, they don't "look nice" - and that's cleaning up what he really says - pun intended.  Who cares what other people think, right?  If I see a neighbor hanging clothes on a line, I don't think negative thoughts.  I might wonder about their taste in clothes or sheets, but that's just a personal thing.  Purple paisley sheets are no longer fashionable, unless you are the Artist Formally Known as Prince.
We use those cheap wooden drying racks on the back sunroom/screened porch.  Sure, it serves the same purpose but it takes hours and hours for things to dry - even in this heat.  Yet a clothes line, now THAT's speedy drying.  Not only do you have the sun doing the dirty work, you also have whatever light (or heavy, if you live in Oklahoma) breeze to assist in the drying time.  Years ago, when I used one, I could wash sheets, then a bedspread in the morning and have the line clear for jeans in the afternoon and bring everything in nice and fresh and dry by evening.
And lets not forget that fresh scent and softness of being beaten into submission by the sun and wind.  On a drying rack, even with fabric softener, clothes tend to be more like sandpaper, only a softer grit.  Heaven forbid we forget the softener!  Might as well use those clothes when you need some 50 grit heavy duty sand paper for stripping paint off the door.
I really do miss some of the simpler things in life (as I wait anxiously for my iPhone) like hanging clothes out on a quiet morning then folding as I go when it's time to bring them in.  If only we could get over letting people look at our undies...

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