Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm moving!

I'm moving out!  
No, not literally, figuratively.  I have outgrown my "blog house" here at Blogger.  Nothing against it - I've really enjoyed my little starter home - but now that my circle of friends is getting bigger, I need a bigger place for entertaining them.
So, I'm moving to Word Press.  
Part of what precipitated the move is the writing contest I entered, but another part is the ease of use and how good looking their themes are.  What can I say, I like pretty homes with big, inviting front porches.
I'm still moving and unpacking boxes over at my new place, but visitors are always welcome.  Please feel free to come by and sit on the porch.  I'll have rockers and some sweet iced tea for you.  
Just don't mind the mess. 

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