Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do you remember...

photo by lachicana
  Do you remember.... 
rotary phones?
when record players had 3 speeds? 
dual cassette decks?
cassette tapes and cassette singles?
8 track tapes?  (A good friend of mine had one in her room when we were kids - shout out to e.s.!)
life before microwaves?
when cable only had 40 or so channels?
when you could play outside until the street lamps came on?
teachers could still hug their students in elementary school?
when TVs were in black and white?
or when TVs were those big consoles?
when VCRs and Beta players were competing?
cd's were the "new thing"?
when you could buy laser disc movies?
life before the internet?  and cell phones?
crank windows in cars (did you know they still make cars with crank windows???)?
when gas was $0.79/gallon?
cartoons were only on TV on Saturday mornings? 
when MTV actually played music videos?
I know there's an email floating around with a lot of these, but these are all from my own experience/childhood.  I know if I had more than a few minutes to think about it, I'd have more to add, but I have chores waiting for me.  So, what do you remember from your own childhood that isn't part of the "norm" any more? 


Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

yes yes and yes!
I remember when we only had 3 TV channels here in England back in the 70s.
And I also remember sitting listening to the chart show on the radio on a Sunday night with my trusty cassette deck, waiting to his play/record to record my latest favourite song.
Blimey, downloads and podcasts seemed positively alien technology!

that girl? said...

I remember most of these! And also when you could get the biggest bag of sweets for 10p and flavoured roll on (very gloopy) lipgloss was something you only dreamed of owning! God... now I feel old!

Kool Aid said...

@tara and remember when you'd get all mad because the DJ would talk all over the song you're trying to record? Or was that just me ;) ?

@that girl? I DO remember that roll on lip gloss! That was the nastiest stuff, but I wouldn't have been caught without it.

Hayden Tompkins said...

LOL, yes but WHY?

Actually I love love LOVE rotary phones. I told my grandma that the only thing I want when she dies is her ugly, beige rotary telephone. (I wasn't being insensitive, she asked!) Anyway, I spent HOURS dialing zeros with that phone.

Good times.

Kool Aid said...

@Hayden I wouldn't be caught without it because everyone else had it, too!

And you're not being insensitive at all! Having a rotary phone would be pretty cool, I think. Hmmm.... wonder what they're going for at the antique stores...