Monday, February 16, 2009

future topics teaser

Yes, I have done the unthinkable in the blogging world.  I have gone 8 days without writing a post.  That's bad, I know, but it's been one of those weeks.   Nothing has really happened that was worth writing about and I really don't want to bore my readers with the mundane things like "today, I folded laundry.  Woo hoo!"  But this weekend, several different things happened so, like a good blogger should, I'm hanging on to them and posting about them separately and spreading them out so at least it looks like I'm a productive blogger.
There was a conversation/event between Little Man and Monkey that was pretty funny in a not-so-funny sort of way. 
I received something in the mail that could be another option for Monkey's education next year.
We're painting and cosmetically upgrading two different areas of the house - the office downstairs and the kitchen upstairs.  Yes, I know it sounds funny to say the kitchen is upstairs, but we have a split foyer, so there.
Oh, and I have a post idea that was given to me by Mawmaw (my mother-in-law) about something that happened to them that paralleled something that happened to us.  
So, assuming I can find time in the day when I'm not doing laundry, painting, prepping, working, taking care of the kids, cooking dinner, cleaning and organizing the office and the kitchen as well as normal day-to-day housecleaning , then I'll be typing away at my future posts.
And to help me out for future blogging, please feel free to leave topic suggestions in the comments area.  


Tara@sticky fingers said...

I have an easy one for you (and I've done it myself for today's post) keep a list of the things you find you're always saying. The things you swore you would NEVER ever say because your parents said them and they are quite dumb and your children deserve better!

Or how about (something I have been planning to do myself) a photo of your fridge door because if it's anything like mine it's covered in all sorts of 'stuff' each with a little story to tell.

Or how about a really good recipe for pancake day because I always end up trawling the internet for new and interesting ways to jazz up pancakes, and Shrove Tuesday is only just around the corner.

Kool Aid said...

Hey Tara,
Thanks for the ideas! I could easily do the first two, as soon as I'm done painting the kitchen.

As for the pancakes, what I do is put chocolate chips in (yeah, that's an easy one) and add a little vanilla extract to the batter. It's simple, but the kids love them. The new hit around here, though, is food coloring. We did pink pancakes for Valentine's Day and today we made blue pancakes.

As for different flavor recipes, I haven't tried anything other than basic buttermilk pancakes, but I've seen sweet potato, apple or banana pancake recipes. Good lucking finding some!