Monday, January 26, 2009


Today is going to be a worthless day.
Little Man decided he would try and wake up the entire house at 4:00 am.  By screaming and crying and moving things around to get to his lamp so he could turn the light on.  He knows that screaming will get me up and he thought it was playtime.
I could hear him banging around trying to climb on top of the clothes hamper to get to the lamp.  The way our house is laid out, his room is right next to ours, sharing a wall.  When I went in to check on (scold, yell, whatever) him, he was stuck inside with the lid crumpled around him.  
I put him in bed and took the hamper out of the room.
Not more than one minute later, I hear more banging around.  Hoping it would go away, I rolled over.  Then I heard it again.  So I get up.  This time his light is on.  What the?  He had gotten the two stools out of the bathroom to his room and stacked them up so he could reach the lamp.
Too tired and irritable to admire his resourcefulness, I turned off his lamp and carried the stools back to the bathroom.  Told him to stay in bed; it's too early to get up; everyone is trying to sleep, then crawled back into my own bed.  Trey is grumbling, too, by the way.  This back-and-forth thing had been going on for about 15 minutes and we both had been up to try and get the boy in bed.
Before my head hit the pillow, I hear Little Man carrying the stools again (he bangs them against the wall as he's moving them).  Stubborn little bugger, that one.  So I get the stools and hide one in the tub, behind the shower curtain, and the other in our room, next to the hamper.  Get him in bed.  Get myself in bed. 
Then I hear him trying to get in our room (our door sticks, so it's not an easy thing to just walk in when it's closed).  I don't really remember how many times this happened - at least twice because both Trey and I got up.  When Trey went in there, the last time as it happened, he was in there for a little bit longer.  I could hear him talking to Little Man but I have no idea what he said.  It must have worked because we never heard another peep out of him.  This was around 4:30 am or so.
It's a good thing, too, because I was composing in my head the ebay listing for "one cute little three year old boy that won't let me sleep." 


Michaela said...

Oh man, I feel for you. I hope he slept past his usual 5:30 after his 4 am adventures.

Kool Aid said...

nope, not really. I had to be up to get Monkey ready for school at 5:40 (hit the snooze until 6:07) and he came strolling down the hall around 6:30. Either way, this morning suuuuucked.

captainslack said...

Seems to be a crappy day all around. ):

Kool Aid said...

yes, I do believe it is...