Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh, pickles!

Houston, we have a problem.
My coffee maker broke this morning.
Tragedy has struck.
How am I to get through the day?
I don't have a "coffee maker" envelope.
Oh, man.....
What about tomorrow?


Michaela said...

I think this qualifies for a true "emergency" therefore, you can break into the emergency fund. :)

Any money in your household envelope?

Kool Aid said...

you know, it IS an emergency! You're absolutely right.

Hey, you should change your picture on your blog, chickie.

Michaela said...

I was thinking about replacing it with the brunette picture. :)

captainslack said...

Check Goodwill. They usually have a bunch of used ones for cheap.

grits404 said...

i agree...that's why you have an emergency fund. for emergencies of the caffeine nature.

Kool Aid said...

@captainslack - I'm sure that's true, but that thought also gives me the heebie-jeebies. I'll wait for a sale.

@grits404 - Yes, one must have caffeine to get through the day, especially lately.

Of course, now I have an excuse to go to Starbucks and get the real caffeine!

Jessica said...

I had a coffee maker breakdown at my house the other day, too. I just sat staring at it in amazement, as coffee flowed all over the counter. I think in my head I was thinking that maybe after it got done having it's fun it would somehow pull itself together and get back in the pot and everything would be ok.
That didn't happen.
I feel your pain.

Kool Aid said...

Jessica! Hi, welcome.
That's a funny picture, though, to imagine the coffee getting up, mopping itself back up (or marching in a Fantasia sort of way) back into the pot.

Thanks for visiting and sharing in the pain. Misery loves company :)