Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Conversations with a six year old

I know I said I wasn't going to be posting any more this week, but I couldn't pass this up.  You'll see why.  Also, to set the stage, we were just arriving home, it was dark and cold and I just wanted to get the kids in bed...
Mommy, I know where puppies are born from.
You do?
They come out of the mommy's butt.
Oh no,  No, they don't come out of the butt.  It only looks like they come out of the butt.
Well, where do they come from?
Oh shit.  Do we have to talk about this now?  We're almost home.
Yes, where are puppies born from?  The bellybutton?
No, not the bellybutton.  Rushing to get out of the car and Little Man unbuckled.  Come on, honey, let's get inside.
But I want to know where puppies are born from.
Take a deep breath.  They come out of the mommy's vagina.
Bagina?  What's a bagina?
Oh shit, shit, shit.  It's where the puppies come out.
Do all mommies have one?
Yes.  Why won't this unbuckle??
Did I come out of a bagina?
Yes, you did, now let's get inside.  You have to get ready for bed.
I'm so not ready for this...


grits404 said...


Kool Aid said...

I'm so glad my friends find my discomfort funny....

Tara said...

Just hilarious! Bagina, brilliant.

My son once asked how our next door neighbours baby would come out of her very large belly.
He said 'it can't come out of her back bottom because it would come out covered in poo". Yikes!

Rosie : ) said...


I alwasy hated those conversations too. :) But since we have boys and girls mixed up together in our brood, they already knew the equipment requirements for both. {espeically when the "new" baby was born and they noticed that it didnt have "their" vagina/penis)