Monday, October 27, 2008

wheee.... this is fun!

I'm so excited!  I got brave and emailed a few of the people on my list for guest blogging.  Well, actually, one I ambushed in the comments section, but he's kind enough to still do one.  I heard back from another that he would do it, too, but I haven't yet heard from the other two women I emailed.
The fear of rejection is hard to suppress, so having two out of four say yes feels pretty good.
Stay tuned...


Kate said...

Hey Kool Aid,

Followed your link from Mathew's blog just out of curiosity, and I came upon this post of yours.

Rejections are always hard. I'm glad that you got out of your comfort zone (which I'm such a big fan of. I don't suggest getting out there one step at a time. I say,just get out there and do it! Which is what I did when I moved out of my country to work in China just 6 months after I graduated). 2 out 4 ain't bad at all. I sent four of my stories out and got rejected but I haven't folded yet. So again, congratulations on sending out those letters. Just getting the courage to do them is one amazing feat. :)

Kool Aid said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for visiting! I appreciate your support. And, WOW, to move to another country - China - for work! That must be an awesome story. That is definitely stepping out of your comfort zone. I'll have to check out your blog - anyone who is brave enough to do that must have interesting things to write about.

Kate said...

Thanks Kool Aid. I hope you do drop by and I'll shower you with lots of fortune cookies and green tea. My blog centers on my journey to becoming a writer as well as my other interests on personal development, re-inventing yourself and travel. ;)

By the way, does the offer still stand for guest blogging? I'd like to try.

Kool Aid said...

absolutely! I looked around your blog a little while yesterday and I'd love for you to do a guest post! Let's talk about it.