Thursday, October 2, 2008

Super savings

Jumping off of my random musings train for a little while to post about what I've been doing this morning.  Shopping!  Something I love to do.
Our local Kroger is moving to a new location just across the parking lot on Saturday.  Today they had all, and I do mean ALL, their frozen food at 50% off.  I have lots of coupons for lots of frozen food.  They also have all dairy and sandwich meats, with the exclusion of milk and eggs (can't get crazy now, can we?) at 50 % off.  That's cheese, pillsbury dough, bacon, sausage, you name it!
I had a cart FULL of name brand frozen food like eggos, Green Giant, Healthy Choice, name brand and store brand meats and cheese, yogurt, OJ and had matching coupons to go with most of them.  We'll be getting a chest freezer in the next day or two because all their meats and produce will be marked off starting Saturday. 
I did manage to get all that food in our two side-by-side freezers, but only by taking out all the shelves.  I took a picture of my cart with the cell phone, but I have no idea how to move it to the computer.  When I do, I'll post it later.
My original total was $177.  The frozen food rang up at an automatic discount, so the percentage of savings on my receipt was only 36%.  I spent $117.  I'm not good at math but probably 75-80% of that total was at 50% off regular price.  That's way too many % signs for me to get it right but I know someone who teaches math, and I bet he can solve it for me :).  Point being, I have no idea how much I actually saved when taking that 1/2 price sale into account, but I think I did pretty good.


Bridge said...

I wish my Kroger would move! Or my Walmart Market.

Kool Aid said...

I'm very thankful this happened at the beginning of the month, not the end, or else we wouldn't have the money for it.

They've been putting quite a lot on sale/clearance for the last few weeks and I've missed out on a lot of those, but I'm glad I made it for this sale.