Friday, September 26, 2008


I want to take a moment to apologize to a commenter.  Not because I didn't like what she said - I still don't - but I feel like I shouldn't have blasted her comment the way that I did.  Now, I don't know if Lydia has been back to my blog or not, but hopefully she'll see this if and when she does.
I need to remember that at 5:30 am, when I can barely see out of both eyes and haven't yet had at least one cup of coffee, my filters are not in place.  Lydia can certainly say that she thinks I'm irresponsible and shouldn't blame my inequities on the internet.  True.  I am an adult and I shouldn't blame others for my actions.
However, I am pretty certain that I intended my post about the evils of the internet to be funny - poking fun at myself and the internet for being what it is and for my own shortcomings.  And I'm pretty certain that, at least for some, it came across that way.  I'm sorry if it didn't for others.  It was not my intention for it to be interpreted as a serious shifting of blame to the internet for all the things that I should be doing and aren't.
Saying all of this leads me to another point that I'm learning about blogging.  Along with the possibility that people will steal pictures, there will be negative comments.  Get over it, Kool Aid.  So, I'm now enacting my "comments regulations" bit.  I've read that blogs should post rules for comments, or some such thing, so here goes.
1.  I welcome all visitors and comments, both good and bad; however, if you (the commenter) resort to simple name-calling or drag my friends/family into the comment, it will not be published.
2.  If you post a negative comment, you should expect a response from me.
3.  If you post a positive comment, you should expect a response from me.
4.  If you have an opinion that you don't want publicized, then I suggest you keep it to yourself.
5.  Lastly, if you post a comment and don't proofread what you post before hitting the "send/submit/whatever" button, expect to hear from me.  Poor proofreading skills are a pet peeve of mine.  (and before anyone accuses me of being in a glass house and throwing stones, I have missed errors in my own typing, too, and it's still a pet peeve)
Now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging.... 


grits404 said...

brown chicken, brown cow

Kool Aid said...

Hey, weren't we going to get shirts?

Thank you for the reminder and the laugh.