Saturday, August 30, 2008

something worth blogging about

This morning I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't remember just one of the multitudes of ideas I have during the day of what I could blog about.   Just as I had almost given up, my dear son came through for me.  I should have known - having children will give me no shortage of blogging topics.
As I was lazily hopping around on the internet, Little Man came bounding downstairs just so excited about something.  He was holding his right hand out and saying "spar-qui, spar-qui."  Spar-Qui?  Spar....qui ....  OH!  Sparkly!  Wait, he's saying "sparkly" and holding out his...
Oh no!
Is that....?
This is too funny!
Little Man has fingernail polish on!  Light pink and sparkly.
"Monkey!!!  Did you paint your brother's nails???"
"No, I didn't do it" came her innocent reply.
"My do it" says her little brother.
I could not stop laughing.  And what made it even better is that he actually did a decent job with his LEFT hand!  (He usually colors and "writes" with his right).
Trey was not amused.  Which made me laugh even more.  I mean, come on - he's 2 and 1/2 years old and wants to do everything big sister does.  Even if it is painting fingernails.  Needless to say, we cleaned off the polish right after I took a picture.  This is kharma in action because I remember Trey and I laughing about another friend's son who, at about the same age as Little Man, would run around the house in his sister's dress-up clothes at Thanksgiving dinner.  
This is the nail polish he got out of Monkey's room.  Mawmaw, if you'll notice, this is part of the birthday present you gave Monkey.  I bet you didn't realize that Little Man might be wearing it, too!
I was so focused on getting pictures to post for the blog, I didn't take a full shot of him holding out his hand, so proud of his work.  I wish now that I had, for future prom dates and wedding slide show, because that would be just too much fun.
I've been laughing about it all day long... 


jessica said...

that is hillarious! My husband and I also, have a son and daughter, with the daughter being older, she is just now two, I can't wait, oh the stories we will have!! Thanks for the laugh!

Kool Aid said...

It's amazing the things they'll come up with. I probably shouldn't have laughed so much, but it was just too funny!

Thanks for visiting!

Council Family said...

I never realized until today's email that you had a blog...check out ours if you wish.

your Y friend,
Anna (Jael's and Landon's mom)

Kool Aid said...

Hey Anna! Thanks for visiting! See you at the Y.