Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ahoy, matey!

After a long and arduous debate, we are now boat owners.  Dave Ramsey would not be proud.  For those Total Money Makeover purists - yes, we deviated from the path just long enough to get a boat.  However, it was a really good deal on a well-taken-care-of used boat and I'm already envisioning lots of family time out on the lake.  And we'll be right back on the path tomorrow.
And I can't wait to have a girls' night out on it!
We have friends that have a boat, so I completely blame them for my desire to have one.  I was happy to be a boatless family until last summer when we went out with them on theirs.  Yes, while Trey is definitely on board (get it?  ha-ha) with it, this was driven a lot by me.  We've had other "play" vehicles before - a Harley-Davidson and a Miata - but those were mainly Trey's.  We weren't able to enjoy them together without having to plan for babysitting.  And he was able to use them more than I, simply because I usually have the kids with me.  Oh, and I don't know how to ride a motorcycle on my own.  At least with the boat, we'll all be able to go out as a family and have fun!  (or on a girls' night)
I don't have a picture of the actual boat, but here's a shot from the Sea Ray website.  We're finally getting lots of rain (thanks to Faye, I believe) but I'm hoping that by the weekend, we'll be able to actually use our new toy.


Michaela said...

I can neither confirm nor deny that I had anything to do with you buying a boat.

Kool Aid said...

how very diplomatic of you - but you know it's true!!

Michaela said...

Hey, I try to please all the people all the time. HA HA