Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Week in Review

Thanks to Daddy, I was reminded that today is Wednesday, therefore I need to review my week.  It's been a busy one.  Since Saturday we've chased fireflies (which I'll post about later), started camp at a local YMCA, spent the better part of today hanging out at a park with a friend and landed a new job.
There.  That's pretty much it.  Doesn't sound like much, does it?
Monkey started a summer camp on Monday.  It is the first "full-day" thing she's ever done and she loves it.  It keeps her busy and gets her tired at the end of the day, so I love it, too.  She goes on days that they don't leave the facility.  Trey and I still don't want to put her on a bus just yet for swim days and field trips.  Today she whined that she won't get to go to the zoo tomorrow with everyone else from camp, so I'm guessing this will be part of the camp experience.
"I had fun today but (insert whiney tone here) why can't I go tomorrow??"  She has this unique skill of pouting and lip trembling that resembles crying without any actual tears.  It's a skill she has developed extensively over the last year or so.  I'm sure it'll get her far in life.  
The park is in one of the old sections of town.  You know, those old, historical style homes that are so unique and just exude old money, lots of ivy and old oak trees.  She lives in the "golden ghetto" that she lovingly calls her area.  Those homes are the little cottages that are so cute.  What's really cool is that her front yard looks out over the park.  It's big - has a tennis court, play ground, basketball court and lot of really big, old trees and run-around space, so we stayed out there, ate a picnic lunch and talked while the children played and with each other and the puppy.    It's a quiet, friendly neighborhood and it was a good way to spend the day.  
Needless to say, Little Man and the pup were exhausted by the time we left.
The new job is one that Trey has been hoping for for quite some time now.  Now he can quit his other job (that he really dislikes) and can do something that he enjoys.  The benefits are great, as is the pay, so we're having a good day!
Naturally, there were the normal day-to-day events like:  get up, let the puppy out, fix coffee, fed the puppy, let the puppy out, get ready for work, get Monkey ready for camp, wake Little Man, feed the rugrats, work, go home, let the puppy out, clip/organize coupons, read a blog (or 10), laundry, let the puppy out, run dishwasher and wash leftover dishes, clean puppy's accident, let puppy out, start dinner, go pick up Monkey, finish dinner, get the kids ready for bed, clean up, eat ice cream, watch TV, let the puppy out, go to bed.  And that was just Monday :).  Have you seen the Minute Rice magazine ad with the "to do" list that covers the whole page?  Yeah.  That's what I feel like on any given day.
PS:  Monkey pulled out her tooth tonight.  How exciting is that??

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