Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday savings

I wanted to post this today since I feel like I did really well at the store (and because I wanted to share my savings on to others at another blog, too).  My total out of pocket was $56.39.  Seems like a lot, but I splurged and bought us two T-bone steaks to have for dinner tonight, some hummus that was on sale, plus we needed eggs.  The four 1/2 gallons of tea were all free after sale/coupons, one of the Bounty rolls was free, the others were $0.50, the Suave shower gels were $0.69 each, the deodorant and the toilet paper got me an extra $3 off, plus I had coupons for those.  The protein bars for Trey were $0.67 each.  I also had Kroger coupons for the cheese (which was also on sale) and for the butter.
Over all, I saved $42.51, a savings of 45%.  Not bad when you consider that I splurged and spent $15 on the steaks (which were on sale, too, by the way) and $5 on the hummus.  It's a pain keeping up with all those coupons, but it sure does save money!

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