Thursday, July 31, 2008

Little Man has a girlfriend

I knew this day would come.  I just didn't expect it so soon.  Little Man has a little woman.  
She's adorable, sweet, quiet and playful.  Her daddy works out where I work so when I'm working, she and Little Man get to play together.  Little Man loves to play with "Kay-Tin".  He always gives her a big hug when she shows up.  Today, they had this cute little game where one would "fall down" and the other would help him/her up.  Then, they would run around and hide from the other kids in the room.  
If she threw her ball and he was closer to it, he'd get it for her.
He shared - SHARED - the toys he was playing with, with her.   
I'm sure if he had the money, he'd take her for ice cream.  Maybe hold her hand.  Wipe off that bit of ice cream that got on her nose...
OK, so maybe I'm projecting a little, but still.  He's MY Little Man!
When her daddy came in to change her diaper, Little Man was all up in her business!  Rude little boy!  I was actually embarrassed that I had to go get him - twice - away from the changing table so she could have a little privacy.  
It's just too stinkin' cute.


Writer Dad said...

How old is "little Man?" My little Man just turned four.

Kool Aid said...

Little Man is 2, going on 6. He's a funny little guy, so different from our girly-girl. She's 6.